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Make sure you fully protect and exploit your intellectual property rights across the globe

Exploiting intellectual property rights across today’s global markets is a highly specialised business. Patents, trademarks and commercial know-how all demand protection. So, too, do the image rights of talented individuals like athletes and performing artists. Optimising revenues is just as vital, if clients are to draw maximum benefits from their innovation and their skills.

LBA International B.V. concentrates on the intellectual property rights industry across the world. The Licensing expertise and market knowledge gained through this exclusive focus allow us to protect and structure clients’ income in the most cost- and tax efficient way possible, aided by the favourable jurisdictions within which we operate.

Through our international network, clients are able to reap the benefits offered by favourable jurisdictions and the many double taxation treaties that can reduce tax liabilities by substantial amounts. Your needs dictate the structure of each transaction, which we develop in close collaboration with your lawyers and tax advisors.

LBA International B.V. makes every effort to ensure that the information on this page is accurate and up-to-date although no legal rights can be derived from this.

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